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Eltima Software GmbH

Eltima Software GmbH is a global information technology company, specializing in virtual serial communications, Flash-based multimedia and security software development. Eltima Software GmbH is based in Berlin, Germany, and has offices located in other European countries. Over the years of successful software development we have proved to be a reliable partner, delivering high quality software solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies to people all over the world. Our primary goal is providing world class software solutions in every sphere that we're involved.

As a security software developer, we at ELTIMA Software strive to provide our clients with the most sophisticated security solutions, that combine up-to-date cryptography and authentication technologies. Our qualified team develops professional keylogging software that covers common user's needs and constantly enhances it with new features and abilities, delivering all this via user-friendly interface and ready to assist you at every step of your use of our software. All our staff you will interact with have strong English skills and qualification, providing ICQ, e-mail and phone assistance 24 hours a day. Our availability and skills have proved to be an important factor in successful cooperation with our clients.


Advanced Keylogger 3.1

Powered Keylogger 2.3

Home>Developers>Eltima Software GmbH
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