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Parental control

Kids' online safety is a huge concern to parents nowadays. No wonder that millions of parents in the USA apply parental control software in order to monitor kids' PC activity and online behavior. Teachers at schools and colleges install computer monitoring spy software to ensure that it is work and nothing else that their students are busy with. One can find virtually anything in the Internet, and a certain share of its content isn't suitable for kids or even teenagers. Filtering Web content becomes common in American families, and nobody argues that it is reasonable.

Even before a kid reaches his teens, he or she will be actively mixing with other kids in chat rooms and probably will start a blog as well. It is PARENTS who must warn their son or daughter about dangers they might face online – for example, about the risk of posting private information for everybody (both good and bad people) to read.

What kids and teens say in chat rooms, whom they communicate with and what they post on blogs and other public Internet places can get them into much more serious trouble than just viewing some inappropriate websites.

Unfortunately, kids and teenagers carelessly post online their first and last names, postal addresses, phone numbers, pictures and give lots of personal information about themselves. It enables so-called online predators easily identify and find them.

However, parents must keep in mind that they should not rely only on spy software in such a delicate matter as parental control. Software is only the part of the solution to the problem. The most important is to maintain trust and mutual understanding in the family. It is parents who teach a kid how to use the Internet, so kids must learn all the do's and dont's from the very beginning. Also, parents should encourage their kids to tell about their online acquaintances – freely, without fear of being scolded or punished.

Whether we like it or not, Internet is everywhere, that is why kids and teenagers (and their parents, too) should be well aware of its perils and know how to avoid them.

Spy Buddy
Advanced Keylogger

As for software for parental control, it is a pretty useful and powerful spy tool – if applied right. Using software that records users activity like Advanced Keylogger (on the screenshot), Perfect Keylogger, Spy Buddy or any other invisible keystroke recorder from Keylogger.Org may be handy though it isn't a panacea from dangers kids might face online.

However, no software could supplant parents caring for their kid – both online and offline.

Home>Parental control
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.