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Spytech SpyAgent
Spytech SpyAgent
With such a great risk of information leak at workplace, the need for security tools like REFOG Personal Monitor, eBlaster, Spytech SpyAgent (on the screenshot) or any other product from our comparison table has become crucial. It seems that information has much in common with money – sometimes the former is worth plenty of the latter. Loss of certain information equals loss of money – sometimes big sums of it, depending on the value of information lost. Just like money, information can be stolen and should be protected from thieves.

In the Internet any computer is virtually next door to ANY other one, wherever it might be located – Russia, China, Brazil, etc. Data from, say, a bank computer located in NYC can be hacked by a thief from his home PC in Delhi or Moscow.

If company staff is careless, precious information can be easily lost. Trade secrets worth millions of dollars can be stolen and sold to a competitor by an unscrupulous employee – and a company can be ruined due to one person.

So, powerful security tool is a must if a company has info which it cannot afford to lose. Hardware and software for information protection should be chosen carefully. Company's security policy should be clear, strict enough to protect valuable information, and everybody – from CEO to a cleaner – must comply to it. All employees must be aware of the threats to information security, know what they should do and what shouldn't. Applying security tools, however good they are, is actually only a part of a complex of measures to be taken for a company not to lose valuable (in the direct sense of this word) information.

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.