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Spying on employees

Let's face it. Monitoring employees' e-mail, tracking visited web pages, logging everything done at keyboards has become the norm in corporate world. With computer monitoring spy software so cheap and easy-to-apply it's no wonder that employee monitoring becomes more and more widespread.

Employees sometimes say that computer monitoring is plain spying on employees. They might complain that employee monitoring is often applied without any reason, just in case.

Though employers sometimes are carrying it too far, in most cases they aren't doing it out of pure malice. Company owners are protecting themselves from reputation-damaging scandals, costly workplace harassment lawsuits and data leakage.

Even installing the software that is capable to record every action like WinSession Logger, Spytech SpyAgent, Spector Pro or any other one listed on Keylogger.Org can be justified if the employees are dealing with trade secrets or some other highly valuable (in a direct sense of this word) information. It doesn't necessarily imply distrust – some companies just won't survive if some confidential information is lost.

If the employer doesn't allow staff to surf a bit during lunch breaks, it doesn't at all mean the boss is a petty tyrant or just greedy. There is another reason for these restrictions.

Unrestricted Web surfing from workplace computers leads to corporate PCs swarming with malicious software. In fact, lots of these computers already are choke full of various unwanted programs, some of them extremely dangerous.

Now consider the fact that no single anti-virus or anti-spyware product protects against all the crap that might land in workplace computers. You are lucky if it's just irritating adware. But in case of programs capable of stealing information, like keyloggers or keylogging-containing Trojans, a single "overlooked" program may mean lost valuable data.

Of course, no regulation is perfect. Everywhere where there are rules, policies and regulations there is always room for abuse or misunderstanding. But rules should be observed.

Ancient Romans used to say "Dura lex sed lex" (the law is harsh but it is a law). Present-day computerized workforce can paraphrase it "the security policy is strict but it's a policy".

Home>Spying on employees
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.